Trucking Accident Lawyer

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, trucks are involved in millions of traffic accidents every year. In fact, over four million traffic accidents involving large trucks and light trucks occurred in 2006. These numbers are frightening for the many people who opt to buy truck-based vehicles like SUVs, vans and pick-ups for their perceived safety and versatility.

While many feel safer in larger, truck-based vehicles, our truck accident attorneys know that these vehicles have problems of their own. For one thing, trucks are not held to the same safety standards as cars. That means that certain federal safety standards, like roof strength, are significantly lower for trucks than they are for cars—even though the two vehicle types are used as passenger vehicles. Additionally, a high center of gravity and narrow tire track make it easier for trucks to be involved in serious rollover accidents. Combine a rollover accident with a weak roof and serious personal injuries are inevitable.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, legal recourse may be available. Depending on the nature of the accident, another driver may be at fault for your injuries, or your vehicle’s manufacturer may be ultimately responsible. Our experienced truck accident lawyers should be able to thoroughly investigate your accident and help you determine who is liable for your accident.

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Patton Mosier is comprised of serious truck accident attorneys with extensive trial experience. Often times, our reputation as fierce trial lawyers precedes us and enables us to secure substantial settlements for our clients. Our law office purposefully keeps a small case load so that we can devote the time and attention each of our clients deserve. When you don’t know what to do after being seriously injured in a truck accident, be sure to contact us. We will make sure you are aware of your rights and fight vehemently to get you the maximum amount of money you are entitled to under the law.