Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi truck accidents result in serious injury and death every year. Oftentimes, such accidents could have been prevented had truck drivers followed proper protocol and adhered to the strict regulations that are designed to protect both them and those they share the road with.

Common reasons that semi truck accidents occur include things like:

  • The driver has spent too many hours behind the wheel
  • The driver is rushing to make a delivery within limited period of time
  • The driver failed to follow safety guidelines
  • The driver was drunk or impaired by drugs
  • The truck was not loaded properly
  • The truck has not been properly maintained

An investigation into the cause of an accident with a semi truck should be conducted as soon as possible after the accident so that valuable evidence is not lost or destroyed. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly investigate semi truck accident claims to achieve results for our clients.

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