Rules and Regulations of the Trucking Industry

Semi Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys

Commercial trucks have many laws and regulations to which they must adhere while driving on the road. In addition to general federal regulations, truck drivers must be aware of the specific laws and ordinances of whatever jurisdiction they are driving in. Some of the general regulations with which truck drivers must comply include:

  • Drivers may not operate a commercial vehicle when they are impaired by fatigue, illness drugs, etc.
  • Drivers may not consume alcohol within four hours of driving or at any time while they are driving.
  • Drivers are required to make sure their cargo is properly loaded.
  • Drivers may not use radar detectors in a commercial vehicle.
  • Commercial trucks may not be operated without proper registration for operating authority.
  • Commercial vehicles must be equipped with standard equipment, including, but not limited to: operable lamps; lighting devices and reflectors; appropriate brake systems (service, parking and emergency brakes); proper attachment and location of the fifth wheel; reflective tape for trailers; and emergency equipment.

Determining if a truck driver did not adhere to mandatory laws, regulations and ordinances can be difficult to determine without the assistance of an experienced semi tractor trailer accident attorney. Part of this difficulty lies in the complexity of these regulations and the various exceptions that apply in certain circumstances.

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Large trucking accidents demand the expertise of lawyers who not only understand personal injury law, but the complex rules and regulations of the trucking industry. Our tractor trailer accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience you need to bring a claim against a large trucking company. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine if a truck driver’s failure to adhere to rules and regulations was at the root of your accident. If we determine that a negligent truck driver was ultimately responsible for causing your injuries, we will fight for the maximum compensation to which you are entitled under the law.