Pedestrian Accident Attorney

In the United States, pedestrian attorneys are a necessity. This is sad, but true. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 5,000 pedestrians are killed and over 60,000 of them are injured by motor vehicles every year. This equates to one pedestrian being killed by an automobile every 111 minutes and one being injured every 8 minutes. This is a scary fact, but the attorneys at Patton Mosier are here to help injured pedestrians receive the compensation they need and to restore a sense of safety within the cities of Arizona and California.

Whether you’ve been a victim or have had to watch someone you love suffer because of another person’s reckless driving, you know that the affects of pedestrian accidents are devastating. Having to learn how to cope through life with pain and debilitating injuries is draining both physically and emotionally. The costs of pedestrian accidents are overwhelming as bills pile up for medical and rehabilitation expenses. If you’ve experienced the trauma of a pedestrian accident, get justice and compensation for your injuries by contacting an experienced pedestrian attorney immediately.

Contact an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney
At Patton Mosier, our pedestrian attorneys have represented victims of pedestrian accidents for 25 years. Don’t fight a legal battle alone. Oftentimes victims settle for less than what they deserve because they do not possess the understanding that is required to successfully obtain the justice and compensation they need. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the laws surrounding the issue of pedestrian accidents and can help you fight to get the compensation you need and deserve. Contact Patton Mosier to set up a free legal consultation so we can begin the process of fighting for justice.