Accident Attorneys for the Paralyzed

Injuries that cause paralysis are devastating for individuals and their loved ones.
Auto, ATV, Bicycle and Industrial accidents are high contributors to injuries that end up causing paralysis and are oftentimes the result of another’s reckless behavior or negligence. Patton Mosier has provided legal representation to people who have suffered personal injuries for 25 years. If someone else is responsible for leaving you or someone you love paralyzed, you should seek professional legal counsel to fight your case for the highest chances of success possible.

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis occurs when muscle groups in the body stop functioning and is usually caused by stroke or severe trauma to the brain or spinal cord. When the spinal cord sustains injury, all nerves below the injury point will be partially or completely cut off from the brain. Temporary paralysis does exist, but is usually caused by genetics or disease while paralysis caused by trauma to the brain or spinal cord is usually permanent and results in either quadriplegia (paralysis in all four major limbs) or paraplegia (paralysis in the legs only).

Injuries severe enough to cause paralysis are costly, both emotionally and financially. Individuals who are paralyzed often require lifelong medical and rehabilitation treatment and emotions run high as you and your loved ones learn how to live a new life affected by paralysis. If you believe that you or someone you love has become paralyzed as result of another’s recklessness or negligence, seek professional legal representation immediately in order to pursue compensation worthy of your injury. Many will try to get you to accept a legal settlement that may seem substantial, but remember, paralysis is a LIFELONG burden and an experienced lawyer can ensure that you settle for nothing less than what you deserve!

Contact an Experienced Accident Attorney

Patton Mosier has provided legal representation to those affected by personal injury for 25 years. Our attorneys are renowned for their aggressive legal representation and possess a 90% win record. We take on fewer cases than most firms in order to provide the most thorough and aggressive legal services available. If you have been injured and suspect that someone else is responsible for it, contact Patton Mosier to speak with an experienced trial attorney who can help you fight for the compensation that you are entitled to.